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JEREE WADE, M.A.: Testimonials /Press

"...left me feeling empowered by the reality of community and fellowship. What an incredible collection of women and how much more incredible we became when we honored one another..."

"Thank you for an affirming weekend. I learned a lot. I leave here with much of my old baggage still intact, but with fierce determination to 'unpack' when i get home."

"I'm so glad that you've made the group so diverse in age and professions..."

"You really attract a wonderful group of ladies and bringing us together is a wonderful gift you give to all of us. It always amazes me how very different we all are yet the same. Thank you so much for doing what you do...I treasure your kinship, friendship, support and knowledge."

"This is my second seminar and it's been a joy! I feel connected to this group of women. And Jeree, you're a wonderful, loving facilitator. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom with us..."

"I am pleased, proud, happy and rejuvenated! You are exceptional!"

"This is the beginning of new things for me. I look forward to being able to have a serene life."

"What a gift! It was an exceptional, exciting, invigorating and transforming weekend!"
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