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JEREE WADE, M.A.: Guestbook


November 7, 2012

I came accross your blog recently and have been reading it along. The article is very useful, very interesting, hope to share more articles like this.Thank you for your sharing!


September 6, 2012

Serenity Seminars provide a very serene yet powerful weekend! I truly enjoyed reconnecting with powerful women willing to discover and uncover their Diva and Godess Power!

Leslie K. Brown

September 4, 2012

This was one of the best Serenity Seminar's I have attended. As panel facilitator, we had three fabulous women who imparted invaluable knowledge that can be applied in our everyday lives. The Angel Walk during our brunch was also quite powerful. Jeree you are a miracle. Thank you for including me in this wonderful journey!

Kim Monique Eldridge

September 4, 2012

The Serenity Seminar was exactly what I needed. I truly enjoyed the workshop and the entertainment was lovely. I left feeling refreshed and ready to begin my reinvention process.
Thank you Jeree for another awesome weekend!


September 4, 2012

Hi Jeree! Thank you for inviting me and for viewing my dance pieces as something worthy as a gift to give to your groups.
It was a gift! To me!
It was so amazing to be in the company of all those beautiful lights. Every woman had her soul on display and it was a wonder to see! Especially yours!
Thanks for everything you do for everyone...

Cheryle E. Williams

August 29, 2012

Awesome, Awesome weekend.
I thank Kim and you Jeree for the outstanding encouragement and love.
I will attend again.
Peace, Love and Life!

Jayme Ganey

August 29, 2012

For my first SS experience, it left me with feelings I yearn to have again--sister support and love. From the interviewing and inspiring on Friday night, to the meditation/healing, conscious communication, comedy and soulful music on Saturday, to the affirmations and Angel Wash on Sunday morning. It was amazing.

Michelle Rivera

August 28, 2012

Where do I even begin? this was my first seminar I attended and I was blown off my feet for the experience I got to experience and I will treasure and keep close to heart soul and mind everyone there had open arms and minds to each's experiences. I also loved the positivty and the powerful woman in the room I look up to them Lisa,Pearl,Greer,Caryl. You have motivated me to prosper harder.. so thankful Jaree included me shes awesome!!

Lailah Greene

August 28, 2012

What an abundance of love and inspiration at this weekend's seminar! Jeree, you continue to amaze and inspire. You are definitely the thread that holds these phenomenal families of sisters together! Can't wait for the next one!

Jeralyn Hobson

August 28, 2012

It was an invigorating experience, extremely knowledgeable in many areas and the camaraderie of everyone was just fascinating. I will be looking forward to next year.

Pearl Williams

August 28, 2012

There are few words to adequately express the MAGIC that happened at the Serenity Seminar. In the MAGIC the gift realized is, self love will manifest ALL that is needed to live your BEST life. What a JOY.

Nilaja Mussa

August 27, 2012

What an extraordinary weekend! It was so wonderful to be with other women who were interested in and taking steps to care for their inner selves. Thanks for the opportunity.
I would like to be able to enjoy more time among the Goddesses to explore relevant topics together.

Sheena Williams

August 27, 2012

I had a fantastic weekend at the Serenity Seminar. The accomodations were great and the company of wise, spiritual women was of abundance. Looking forward to the next one!

Denise Hugee

August 27, 2012

This was my first Serenity Seminar weekend. My experience exceeded my expectations. I learned alot about myself and I met amazing people. I am looking forward to the next Serenity Seminar and/or event.

Kim Monique Eldridge

September 4, 2010

The Serenity Seminar was a wonderful experience. It was truly a great group of women and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to attend. My spirits were lifted and I returned home on a mission to live life to the fullest! I look forward to the next Seminar. Thank you Jeree Wade!

Birdie L Paul

August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010
I was honored to be in the presence of such a diverse group of women at the Serenity Seminar weekend. I couldn't believe women could be so supportive of each other. Thank you, Jeree for presenting a weekend of laughter, tears,sharing,insights and love.


August 27, 2010

What a gift! There is something happening on the planet. Women are coming together to heal at the deepest level of themselves. Serenity Seminars is just a place where this is happening in the most loving and nurturing environment. Thank you Jeree!

Pearl WIlliams

August 26, 2010

I make Serenity Seminars a part of my personal care. It equates to eating right, praying/meditaing and inner balance. It's like a self help book that comes to life and you don't want it close. But when you do close the book you have the tools to begin and continue the work on your transformation. What a great self gift.

Cornelia Wright

August 26, 2010

I have been attending Serenity Seminars since its inception over 7 years ago. Jeree is one of the best facilitators I have experienced. Everyone in the group is nutured.

Cornelia Wright

August 26, 2010

I did not finish my comment. Everyone is nutured and leaves with a sense of accomplishment towards achieving goals. I now @ age 60 am working out 4x per week. Stop smoking and drinking.My blood pressure is normal. Lost weight and am stronger spiritually and emotionally. Working with Jeree through the years has helped me meet some lifelong goals. Thank you so very much Jeree...I am excited about the future.....the pillows are coming!!!!!!

Dalila-Johari Paul

August 25, 2010

The seminar is a true gift. To gather so many different women with the one purpose of being supportive is amazing!Jeree and the other women helped me to continue to be hopeful when I was at one of my weakest moments!

Karen Lucas

September 4, 2009

The Serenity Seminar was exactly what I needed. Life was getting so complicated and I was feeling overwhelmed, underaccomplished, and down. This weekend allowed me to take a break and learn how change me perception. My favorite take away thought is that FEAR is your overestimation of consequences and underestimation of your ability to deal with them.

i feel like I can conquer anything!

Maggie Henderson

September 2, 2009

I was fortunate to have been invited to this year’s Serenity Seminar. What an experience. To be surrounded by a group of beautiful, smart, inspiring sisters, who’s sole purpose was to uplift, support and share. I will continue to use the tools from this seminar to cushion my road through life. Looking forward to the next one, and will probably bring another sister who will benefit from the lessons of this Seminar. Thank you, and many blessings to the sisters of this group. - Maggie

Cornelia Wright

August 31, 2009

I want to thank you so much for such a great weekend!!I did not want it to end. My coworkers were so pleased and said they had never attended anything like this before. You helped me get my enthusiam back. I took today off from work and am going to a fabric store today so that I can start at least one pillow. I rode home with Lelah and she asked that the first pillow be hers. I also started exploring some job opportunties and have set a goal to get my resume out and start looking for a new job. Thank you...thank you...thank you. We love so much and by bringing so many great women together we can help each other. I am staying connected this time!!!! How about some mini sessions in between our annual gathering????

Min. Dr. LaDonna Blaylock DD.

March 15, 2009

Somehow I was unable to continue the completion of the "tell us a little more" page.
I wanted to include our website at
I think this is absolutely beautiful !
You are truly a Goddesssend!
I plan on attending your future events.
We must support each other.
Pease and Blessings.


October 31, 2008

I would love to know how I can purchase the music that you have on your site and how can I get more info on your seminars?


October 28, 2008

We welcome you to the Serenity Seminars GUESTBOOK and we hope you will enjoy learning about our seminars. Please, if you are not familiar with our siteor interested in our seminars and our mission , do not post ads or information that does not pertain to us . We appreciate your respect. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE.
Jeree Wade

Pamela Gaines

October 1, 2008

I stopped by your site to see what seminars you might have going on. Unfortunately, there were none. So could you contact me when and if you organize one. I am looking to take charge of my life and regain my power. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


August 11, 2008

We welcome you to the Serenity Seminars GUESTBOOK and we hope you will enjoy learning about our seminars. Please, if you are not familiar with our siteor interested in our seminars and our mission , do not post ads or information that does not pertain to us . We appreciate your respect. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE.
Jeree Wade

Patricia McLaughlin

June 2, 2008

When and where will you be performing again.

andrea rander

April 11, 2008

Anyone who hasn't heard your latest is missing out. This is THE best album. Your gracious singing style and your charming personality clearly ring out in "Midlife... Oh The Drama". You don't have to be going through midlife to appreciate this awesome release. Your musicians know how to do it too!!! What backup. Congratulations Jeree. It is wonderful.

renee harris

March 20, 2008

can't wait---girl

Luz de Alba

March 9, 2008

You are absolute beauty in expression. An inspiration for many women. You are for many a spiritual midwife. May you never forget this truth. I will always hold this truth for you.

Luz de Alba

Mark Pris

February 28, 2008

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Carol Bristol-Henry

September 16, 2007

You have been a blessing in my life since the day I met you. Over the years, the people I have met through working with you have also been a blessing to me. And, I just want to say - Thank you. xoxo


August 30, 2007

One of the best decisions I ever made was to join the serenity seminar group. I continue to gain more insight into life and what I can give and what I can accomplish. Thank you for inviting me and sharing all that you have. Thank you to the goddesses for your commitment to serenity seminars.


August 28, 2007

Mrs. Wade,

Thank you for such an inspirational weekend and for pushing me to show up for me. The new school year began and I really needed the rest, inspiration and strength from the wonderful women who attended.

Again, Thank you.

Richard Cummings

July 26, 2007

Thank you, Jeree, for allowing me to share in the administration of this wonderful website. Girl, you in trouble now!

Iona Morris

March 24, 2007

I am so very proud of you. How fantastic your life is. I am grateful to have you in my life. "I"

Monique Tarry

November 11, 2006

Ms. Wade, as always you do beautiful things to uplift the sisters. Hopefully in 2007 I will be able to attend one of your seminars. Keep up the good work.
God Bless

Anne Edmonds Clanton

August 22, 2006

Jeree, you know how I feel about your seminars. It's has been a life-changing experience for me - every one that I attend. I learn more about myself, I learned to love myself and most of all, I don't take anything personally (anymore). I come away from these seminars feeling a sense of joy and happiness. And meeting so many wonderful women to share with is such a wonderful feeling. I love what you do and I love you. I am so happy that we are friends. Love, Anne

Pearl Williams

May 27, 2006

I still to this day wonder why life, the best thing we have is not honored and seen as precious by everyone. So... it is of extreme importance that I (you) have a place and time for positivive and affriming confirmation that you are good and worthy of love . Especially if you live alone and have the tendency to isolate.
Serenity Seminars is the place for this. I am bless that I can be apart of the process.
I thank god for you Jeree. And I pray that you are always able to take care of us, but more important, yourself, so that we are enrichd and continue to see our selfworth.
With admiration and love, Pearl


March 15, 2006

Thank you so much for your support. Theseminars are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Perkins

February 28, 2006

I wish that I could join you this time, but not to worry I am always connected in spirit! Hope to see you soon. Have a great seminar.

Inel Haynes

October 1, 2005

Meeting so many talented, interesting, intelligent and spiritual women was fabulous. I thank all of you especially Jeree who made this wonderful and fulfilling weekend seminar possible. I am so much looking forward to next year. Thanks a million! Always Inel

Brenda Harper

September 2, 2005

How impacting! How liberating! I thank my sister-friends for embracing my heart and soul. I felt so honored and supported by the goddesses. I'm on my journey. As usual, Jeree, you did a fabulous job of bringing together a nurturing like-minded gathering that were and are striving and thriving. It was delicious!!! Brenda

Marissa Ross

August 29, 2005

I truly enjoyed sharing, learning and growing with all of the intuitive, loving, phenomenal women. I left the seminar feeling energized and focused. Thanks Jeree and my fellow Goddesses for everything and I look forward to attending the next seminar!

August 26, 2005

What a wonderful 3 days around powerful, creative and supportive women. This was an incredible time of sharing and rejuventation that will stay with me. I am looking forward to the next "Julia" seminar in Puerto Rico, soon!!!!

Giovanna Kanu

August 26, 2005

I was surrounded by the true essence of "phenomenal woman". I have started my journey of a thousands steps with this huge leap and a great big supportive push from all my fellow goddess. I thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be apart of this unity. You are so dynamic and beautiful that I can only appreciate myself more as I see the potential that you have shown me.

Dana Arthur-Monteleone

August 24, 2005

What a blessing! I cannot put into words how much attending your serenity seminar has affected me. The woman I met touched me with their beauty, warmth and support. I feel renewed and focused. Looking forward to attending next year’s seminar. Jeree you are a special woman with an amazing spirit. THANK YOU!


August 23, 2005


Lailah Greene

August 23, 2005

Another door opened. Another rung on the ladder climbed. Each seminar enlightments me more and more and I find myself owing you so much more after we all leave. Thank you Jeree, and thank you to all my sisters for all the energy you bring and give so freely and unconditionally. For this, I am truly blessed.

Sarah Morris

August 8, 2005

If you are willing and are serious about making positive changes in your life then Jeree Wade’s Serenity Seminar is for you. The Serenity Seminar will provide you with key elements to help you to look inside yourself -- to transform the negative behavior patterns to positive decision making choices.
The Serenity Seminar will also give you words of encouragement and inspiration that will catapult you to become the person you were meant to be.
In one word Ms. Wade’s Serenity Seminar is -- FABULOUS!

Jackie Hawkins

August 6, 2005

this website truly reflects your spirit!

Nicole Pannelli

April 13, 2005

I must also congratulate you, on the website and the Serenity Seminars. I had such a good time, and met so many beautiful, powerful women. I hope that the seminars continue to grow and that you will be able to reach, and help many many more women who can use what you have to offer.

Lailah Greene

April 11, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS!!! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! I'm so proud of you and so grateful for all your help and for connecting me to so many beautiful, intelligent and sharing women. I truly look forward to each and every seminar -- I come away with so much!!! Love ya, Lailah

Cheryl Metrick

April 7, 2005

BEAUTIFUL WEB SITE. All my love and best wishes for the continued success for of your wonderful seminars. They are truly transformative!
Love you, your twin at heart, Cheryl


April 7, 2005